Facility management is a multifaceted discipline designed to ensure the functionality of the environment by integrating people, technology, places, and processes. We are convinced that with our ability to deliver all or most service offerings using our own people, we are at a better position to manage each and every part of the service we carry out.

We have taken the lead in facility management in Oakland, CA as we provide our clients with a level of personalized and customized service which they can’t get anywhere else.

Our services include office cleaning services, courier services, mailroom management, office planning, plumbing, janitorial services, roofing, landscaping, pressure washing, and HVAC services. Our clients include churches, financial institutions, gym and fitness centers, hospitals, healthcare facilities and labs, bars and taverns, automobile dealerships, movie theaters, municipal buildings, schools, salons, veterinarian clinics, post construction sites and conference centers.

We provide our clients with a bundled service which allows them making savings on the various services they would have had to pay for. We have no long-term contracts in place and have a quality assurance system in place which all our services go through to ensure they meet required standards.

Allow us to manage your services today and it will be the best decision you make.

Call System4 at 925-266-3413 to schedule your free consultation today!

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