3 Ways Janitorial Services Can Save You Money

3 Janitorial Services Can Save You Money in San Francisco Easy BayUpon first glance, the idea of hiring a janitorial service doesn’t seem like a way to help your company cut costs and save money.  However, that is exactly what this very important and crucial move will do.  By hiring a commercial cleaner, you can save money in several different ways.

1. Legal Liability

Surveys have shown that approximately seventy percent of all slips and falls happen on tiled or concrete surfaces.  With the constant treading of customers, your floors develop a sticky, dirty and even slick buildup that over time if not cleaned regularly may lead to a customer or employee falling and injuring themselves.  With the hiring of a commercial cleaner, you can have peace of mind that your floors are being routinely cleaned resulting in eliminating the possibility of a slip and fall.

2. Fewer Replacement Costs

It is almost inevitable that a customer or employee is going to drop something and in turn stain your carpeted floor.  With the hiring of a janitorial service, your carpet will be routinely cleaned.  As a result that small stain will not have the chance to become a larger stain.  A stain that once it is embedded into the fibers of the carpet, no matter how much you try, will never come out.  In the end, your entire carpet would have to be replaced.

3. Germ-Free Surfaces

Finally, with the hiring of a commercial cleaner, when cold and flu season comes around, not only will your business be routinely cleaned, but it will be properly sanitized and disinfected as well.  Germs are inevitable and are on every surface known.  From doorknobs, to flat surfaces pretty much anywhere you can think.  With the hiring of a commercial cleaner, you will know that they are making sure those very surfaces are being disinfected to help prevent the spread and growth of those pesky germs.

Hiring a janitorial service is the best move you can make for your business.  You can rest assured that your company is putting its best foot forward, and gaining favorable perception in your customer’s eye. That, in turn, will reflect in your business’s bottom line.

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