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Construction Site Supervisors and Project Managers know that to deliver quality, one of the least important pieces to the puzzle is presenting a clean space. Construction sites are dirty. Dust settles in every crack and crevice. Windows have stickers and a glazing compound that has to be removed. Floors need attention to remove factory finishes. Delivering a space that is completed to a degree that really impresses clients requires that a detailed final post construction clean-up is done. It means that every surface from the ceiling to the floor and everything in between is wiped down, cleaned, dusted, and polished with extreme detail.

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Construction teams need a final post construction clean-up provider that is reliable does the job well, and is available at the right times.

At System4 of San Francisco East Bay, our crews do detailed final cleans that WOW Site Supervisors and Project Managers making them and their spaces look great. Office spaces, residential units, apartment buildings, restaurants, and other commercial buildings – Projects large and small need thorough final cleans. Let System4 provide a quote right away.

Get your construction site ready for the next project with our post construction cleaning services. Our team of experienced professionals will make sure your space is spotless and ready to go in no time. Contact us today for a quote on your construction project final clean! We will provide a competitive quote based on square footage.

What are the benefits of hiring post construction cleaning services?

The benefits of hiring post construction cleaning services include:

1. A thorough and comprehensive clean-up, with all dust and debris removed from the premises.
2. Professional and experienced cleaners who have the knowledge and expertise to efficiently clean up post construction sites.
3. Cleaning products specially designed for post construction cleaning, ensuring safe and effective results.
4. Quick and efficient service that helps to restore the area to a pristine condition quickly.
5. Reduced risk of safety hazards, as all hazardous materials are properly disposed of or removed from the site.
6. Cost savings

After Construction Cleaning FAQ

Post construction cleaning packages typically include dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, window cleaning, and removal of debris and construction materials. Other services may include power washing, wall washing, and floor waxing.
Post-construction cleaning services should be done at least once before the structure is occupied, and then on a regular basis, depending on the amount of use the structure receives.
Top materials include: Vacuum cleaners, mops and mop buckets, brooms and dust pans, microfiber cloths and cleaning towels, window cleaning tools (scrapers, squeegees, paper towels), disinfectant and cleaning solutions, sponges, dusters, protective gear (gloves, masks, goggles), ladders, step stools
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