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Commercial Cleaning/Janitorial

Professional Service: Licensed, Bonded & Insured


Say goodbye to long-term contracts.

System4 Facility Services doesn’t require them – we stand behind our service.

  • Pre-screened, and highly qualified local office cleaning providers
  • Completely customized schedules and scope of work
  • No long-term contracts
  • Dedicated Account Manager for single point of contact

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System4 Facility Services Offers Customized Office Cleaning Solutions To Businesses Of Any Size

Your office’s level of cleanliness impacts the perception others have of your business. The quality of your office cleaning service also has a direct effect on the health and morale of the people that work there. With more than 50 years of experience in the office cleaning industry, we have a proven system that works for you.

  • A curated team of highly qualified local office cleaning vendors with fully trained and insured staff.
  • Modern cleaning techniques, commercial grade equipment and chemicals.
  • Work specifications customized to your facility.
  • A dedicated account manager to maintain quality standards and handle your issues.

System4 is the solution for all business office cleaning needs.  With our extensive experience in the office cleaning business, we know what works for you.  Before we even begin, a System4 Account Manager will sit down with you to recommend services based on our industry expertise and create a customized work schedule that itemizes each service you want performed.   You tell us what you need, when you need it.  We deliver.  System4 provides any and all services that are needed at your facility. The equipment, cleaning products and staff training are customized to meet your facility’s requirements.

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System4 Handles The Hassles Of Managing An Office Cleaning Vendor

Vendor Compliance

Whenever the decision is made to bring in an office cleaning company, there is a level of risk for the customer. This risk can range from a lack of proper insurance coverage by the vendor (insufficient or expired) to the vendor placing staff in your facility that is non-compliant with the Department of Labor. The only way to eliminate this risk is for you to spend a considerable amount of time vetting vendors and then managing/monitoring their compliance on an on-going basis. This time can be better spent focusing on the business you are in.

System4 Facility Services Solution: All the office cleaning vendors in our network are pre-qualified by us BEFORE we begin working them. They are required to provide proper documentation on liability insurance, worker’s compensation and employee classification, among others. Perhaps more importantly, we have a proactive system in place that ensures on-going compliance with all service providers. Additionally, should a provider “slip through the cracks”, System4 maintains insurance policies to protect you as the customer from liability in the event something goes wrong. With System4 as your commercial cleaning partner, you will have no time investment in vendor compliance; your risk will be eliminated.

Lack Of Communication/Difficulty Communicating?

Often, self-performing office cleaning companies are owner-operators. This means that the manager/owner is out performing work after hours and is not available during your business hours to handle calls, request or address problems. When this happens, you end up putting more time into chasing the manager down so you can communicate problems or issues with them. This situation also creates frustration and takes your focus away from your core business.

System4 Facility Services Solution: System4 management is always accessible. You will have a dedicated Account Manager that is responsible for quality assurance and communication with you and the service provider. Mistakes will happen and problems will arise. Our goal is to make sure that they are addressed quickly and are not repeated. We like to say – don’t judge us when our service is perfect, judge us when you need improvement. That is when we shine.

Turning Over Underperforming Commercial Cleaning Companies

When a service vendor is not performing what you contracted them to do, you have several options… all of which take YOUR time and effort. You can contact management (if you can get in touch with them), explain the problems and hope they get fixed. In most cases, the problem is fixed in the short-term but it keeps recurring over time. Each time your standards are not met, you need to reach out and address the issue. In other words, you need to take an active role in managing the vendor. The other option that you have to replace the vendor. This means you are starting the buying process over again with no guarantee of a better result — more time and effort from you and anyone else in your company involved in vendor relationships, such as the Accounting department.

System4 Facility Services Solution: In the event that a service provider isn’t performing to standard we are able to efficiently make a change with little to no effort or time on your end. We know your budget, standards and expectations. We will handle bringing in a new service provider and getting them started. There is nothing that needs to change from an administrative perspective—you’ll get the same invoice and make the same payment. Further, we maintain quality ratings on all of our office cleaning partners. We are constantly reviewing the ratings to make sure that we continue to work with only the top performers. This means that you can be confident the service providers we select for your facility have a strong track record of delivering quality results over time.