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When Will The COVID-19 Shelter In Place Rule Be Lifted In California?

It depends.   Governor Gavin Newsom clearly outlined his plan for CA to move from the shelter in place to the suppression stage of the COVID-19 pandemic in his press conference today.  He is optimistic that we will get our economy back in motion soon. The date depends on how we do in the next few weeks as a state.  Following are six criteria that will help guide the decision making on how to loosen shelter in place restrictions.

  1. Expanded testing, contact tracing of COVID-19 patients, and the ability to isolate and support them.
  2. Continue to protect its most vulnerable residents — the elderly and medically vulnerable — from COVID-19.
  3. Surge capacity of our hospitals and health systems to care for COVID-19 patients.
  4. Development of therapeutics which will allow people to recover more quickly and save lives.
  5. Businesses, schools and child-care facilities will need to create plans to maintain social distancing guidelines set by the State.
  6. Watch data points to determine if they will re-institute virus containment measures, including stay-home orders.

Post Shelter in Place Business Norms?

Getting back to business is not likely to be back to “normal.”   Essential businesses have had complex challenges operating in the pandemic environment.  Other business will face complex threats and opportunities once stay at home rules are lifted.  Governor Newsom used the analogy of a dimmer switch getting the State back to business.   He also gave some clues on what might be mandated from municipalities, schools, offices, restaurants, and the public.  These include:

  1. Continued use of masks and other PPE while in public.
  2. Health screening before entering public places, workplaces, etc.
  3. Reformatting work spaces, labs, kitchens and schools to practice social distancing.
  4. Staggering hours at schools
  5. More space between tables at restaurants
  6. Large gatherings are likely to be discouraged, at least until their is a vaccine or herd immunity.
  7. Deep cleaning, disinfection and COVID-19 decontamination will be the norm going forward. 

System4 Can Help With Your COVID-19 Planning

We have been supporting essential business during shelter in place.  System4 Facility Services can help you navigate the process of re-starting your business as SIP lifts.  Each business has a different set of circumstances but overall the goal is to keep our facilities open with health and safety of all employees being the number one priority.  We have the training, tools, and procedures to create a customized plan for your facility.  

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Our Services Are Available in:  Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, Emeryville, Alameda, Hayward, Fremont, San Leandro, Concord, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Pleasanton, Dublin, Livermore, and many other San Francisco East Bay Locations.

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