Why Dirty Floors Could Be Hurting Your Business

professional janitorial service cleaning the floors with a machine scrubber

Dirty Floors Leave A Bad Impression

When asked what the most important areas of your business that you worry often about, dirty floors are probably nowhere near the top of that list.  However, you should have them on that list as well as hiring a commercial floor cleaning service to make sure that your floors are taken care of properly.  Most companies are not worried about the day to day cleaning of their floors, but they should be, and below are a few reasons why.

Floors Leave A Perception In Your Customer\’s Mind

Ask any business owner and they will tell you that customer word of mouth can make as well as break their company.  Customers talk to one another and when they do they can be very flattering or downright unforgiving when expressing their opinion about a business.  Don’t let your floors be the source of your bad word of mouth.

Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to let your role in a specific industry dictate your floor cleanliness.  For instance, some industries lend themselves to cleanliness to the point of obsession such as the health care industry.  However, just because our business is not health care based doesn’t mean that you can’t keep a floor cleaning routine all the same.  Customers and employees alike will enjoy knowing that you care enough about their perceptions of your business to keep a clean floor.

Where Else Are You Cutting Corners?

Touching again on perception, this is a very crucial area that many businesses do not take into consideration  When a customer crosses the threshold of your business and acquires that first impression, there is no going back from that.  You have worked hard to build a great reputation for your business, only to lose a customer based on a lousy first impression that could have actually been avoided.  Customers who feel that you are cutting corners on the cleaning and maintaining of your business, such as the floors, will also think you are cutting corners in other areas as well.

Hire A Professional Commercial Floor Cleaning Service

The hiring of a commercial floor cleaning service can do more for your business than just clean the floors.  They can aid in putting your best foot forward, as well as aiding in bolstering your overall impression with new and returning clients.  Don’t let your floors tell a story that doesn’t put you in the best light, and prevent your customers from returning or even telling their friends not to do business with you.  Eventually, it will result in you seeing a detrimental effect on your company’s bottom line.

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