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Say goodbye to germs with commercial electrostatic disinfecting services in the San Francisco East Bay area!

Germs and bacteria have been known to spread quickly, and with the global pandemic we witnessed, it is more important than ever to make sure that your business is clean and germ-free. Fortunately, our commercial electrostatic cleaning services are here to help. Our services are fast, effective, and affordable. Plus, we use state-of-the-art equipment that can cover large areas in a short amount of time.

Our electrostatic disinfection gives you peace of mind knowing that your business is safe from germs and bacteria. Plus, our cost-effective services save you time and money while keeping your customers safe and healthy. Protect your business today by taking advantage of our touchless disinfection services! Fill out the form below or call (925) 592-6001.

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Electrostatic Cleaning Company in the East Bay Area

What Is An Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayer

Electrostatic disinfection is an effective and efficient way to sanitize and disinfect commercial spaces. It uses specialized equipment to apply a mist of electrostatically charged disinfectant to surfaces, killing 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses. This method offers many benefits over traditional methods of cleaning and sanitizing, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

The advantages of using an electrostatic disinfectant service include increased efficiency in the application process, improved coverage on hard-to-reach surfaces, reduced labor costs due to less time spent on manual cleaning tasks, improved safety for workers and customers due to fewer chemicals being used in the application process, and improved air quality due to the elimination of airborne particles. Additionally, businesses can rest assured that their spaces are being thoroughly sanitized with each use of the service.

Tailored Electrostatic Services
System4 of San Francisco East Bay electrostatic spraying services are highly reliable, completed with state-of-the-art equipment, and utilize advanced technologies to ensure that the spray is applied evenly and effectively to all surfaces. We make sure to follow strict safety protocols and are committed to providing the highest quality of service. Our team is highly trained and experienced in the electrostatic spraying process, meaning that we can apply the spray quickly and accurately, reducing the chance of any errors or overspray.

At System4 Facility Services San Francisco East Bay, we surpass the expectationns of our clients by providing professional commercial cleaning disinfection that is specifically designed for every type of building or office. With System4, your workplace will receive the following benefits:
  • Full-service Cleaning Provider
  • Trained and Certified Professionals
  • Customized Work Schedules
  • 24 Hour Customer Service
  • Ongoing Communication Through Log Books
  • Liability Insurance and Bonding
  • Seven Days per Week Availability
  • Quality Assurance Through Inspections

Sanitize Smarter with Electrostatic Disinfection.


Experienced Technicians & Providers
When selecting a commercial sanitizing service provider, there are several factors to consider such as the type of sanitizer used, the cost of the service, the size of the area that needs to be treated, and the effectiveness of their methods.

Disinfecting Free Quote

Professional solutions are needed in every large facility, but there are some tasks you can do yourself every day to keep your area clean.

Electrostatic Disinfecting Services:

When looking for a janitorial systems team for your industrial or commercial building, look for companies that provide all-inclusive services. When you hire us to clean your facility, some of the tasks we will complete include:

  • Vacuum carpets
  • Trash disposal
  • Dusting
  • Wipe down building doors & handles
  • Restroom disinfection & sanitization
  • Disinfect kitchens
  • Sweeping & mopping
  • Porter services
  • Restrooms Only Options
  • Post-Construction Cleanup
  • Clean & Disinfect Tables, Counters, Chairs, Sinks
  • Clean & Sanitize Microwave & Appliances
  • Empty Trash Replace Liners
  • Hot water extraction
  • Bonnet cleaning
  • Dry chemical cleaning
  • Carpet encapsulation
  • Vacuuming 
  • Clean & Disinfect Sinks, Toilets, Urinals
  • Clean & Polish Dispensers, Fixtures, Mirrors
  • Wash Floors, Baseboards with Germicidal Cleaners
  • Spot Clean Walls & Partitions
  • Burnishing vinyl floors
  • Strip & Wax refinish
  • Scrub & recoat
  • Spray buff showroom floor
  • Machine scrub hard floors
  • Wood floor care
  • VCT Maintenance & Restoration

Electrostatic FAQ

Electrostatic disinfection services are becoming increasingly popular as a way to disinfect and sanitize indoor spaces. Electrostatic disinfection relies on the use of electrostatically charged particles that, when applied, cling to surfaces and objects to provide a more comprehensive coverage than traditional chemical application solutions.


This is especially useful for hard-to-reach areas such as behind furniture or in tight corners. Additionally, fogging solutions can be used to quickly and efficiently cover large spaces with electrostatically charged particles for maximum coverage and effectiveness.

Electrostatic cleaning is a non-permanent cleaning solution and will need to be reapplied regularly to maintain cleanliness. Depending on the surface and area being cleaned, electrostatic cleaning may need to be repeated every few weeks or months.


Electrostatic disinfection is effective until the treated surface is disturbed or touched in any way.

It depends on the circumstances and what is being treated. Electrostatic spraying, which uses an electrical charge to help particles stick to surfaces, can be better for large areas because it can cover a wider area more quickly. Fogging, which uses a fine mist of liquid particles, might be better for more localized areas or for treating smaller surfaces.

An electrostatic sprayer is a type of spraying device that utilizes an electrostatic charge to give particles a “polarized” surface, allowing them to more easily adhere to surfaces. This can be used for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and objects.


A fogger for mold is a device that uses heat and/or pressure to atomize a liquid containing mold-fighting chemicals into a fog-like mist. This mist is then sprayed into the air, allowing it to settle on surfaces and kill the mold spores.

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