How To Keep Your Classroom Clean

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Importance of a Clean Classroom

The easiest way to maintaining a clean and tidy classroom is simply through the routine of everyday cleaning habits.  After the first initial organization, de-cluttering and cleaning at the beginning of the school year, a simple daily maintenance will keep your classroom in tip-top shape.

The first area to keep in mind is the dusting.  There are a lot of little feet moving around on your classroom floor each day, and as such, there is more than the average amount of dust stirred up.  When stirred up it has to settle somewhere and that somewhere is on all the flat surfaces in the room, not to mention the vents and door frames which are usually overlooked.  With a simple dusting before class begins, by a few assigned students, you can keep down on that dust collection and not have to worry about it triggering any allergies or respiratory problems in the students.

Make sure to keep all the paper and trash picked up and placed into the proper trash can.  Some students will have the mindset that one piece of candy wrapper lying on the floor is not a big deal.  However, if you remind them that if every piece of paper that was on the floor was considered to not be a big deal, before long the floor will become completely covered in trash.  That is why it is good to get into the habit of picking up any pieces of paper, big or small, and disposing of them properly.

Teaching the students to put away items, after they are done with them, is a good routine to get into.  More often than not, when done with a book or a toy, most students will just lay it down, and it will stay there until someone, most probably the teacher, places it back in its designated area.  However, if you have the students place items back where they got them from, the classroom will maintain and neat and tidy appearance.

Another good routine is for the students to cover any work surfaces with newspaper when engaging in activities using paint or glue.  If something can be spilled, or go wrong it will.  But, if you use a little due-diligence ahead of time, what could be a major mess will more likely be the simple tossing of the newspaper in the garbage when done.

As you can see there are several ways to keep your classroom clean.  By involving the students, not only is a lot of the work taken off the teacher, but there is also the benefit of the young ones learning some helpful and handy cleaning habits.

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