Medical Office Cleaning Tips

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Medical Office Cleaning

Medical office cleaning is different in many ways to standard cleaning.  As an example, restrooms in a medical setting typically outnumber those in an office setting.  Also, the types of cleaning agents you use in medical facility can be vastly different that those of an office.  For these reasons — and others — is it imperative that you make sure you hire a cleaning service that is able to adequately meet your specific facility needs.

The most common mistake most managers make is assuming that any janitorial company can provide the specific cleaning needs of a medical office.  This is never farther from the truth.  When employing a medical office cleaning service, you are getting the peace of mind that your office will be cleaned in a manner that not only is healthy for your patients, but for your staff as well.

Specific Requirements for Medical Offices

It is very important that the company you choose has properly vetted their employees and that they are trained to perform any special tasks that may be required.  A reputable medical cleaning service will have provided sufficient training as well as having educated their employees on the proper procedures such as handling of sharp objects and biohazard based waste.

The employees will need to be trustworthy and need little overseeing, as most offices are cleaned after hours and when the staff has gone home for the day.  If you can’t place the necessary trust in your cleaning service that your patient\’s confidential information will be safe, in your absence, then you may want to look into other cleaning service options.

As the manager of your medical office, you know what you do and do not need to be done.  It also stands to reason that you know the exact services you need from a medical office cleaning service as well.  Do not be afraid to shop around, get feedback and referrals from fellow medical office managers, and research your options.  Hiring a professional service is a very important step in making sure the health and well being of your employees, as well as patients, are taken care of

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