Should You Outsource Your Cleaning?

chalk board showing hire or outsoruce options

Here are 3 good reasons why you should outsource your cleaning to a professional cleaning company.

  1. Focus your employees on what they do best.   Ask yourself is cleaning a core competency?  Chances are the primary reason to hire them was not for cleaning.   In the current employment environment, can you afford to have unfocused or unmotivated staff?
  2. Outsourcing your cleaning is most often a cost-effective solution.   While many companies focus on the per hour cost of hiring their own employees, they ignore the soft costs of carrying a janitorial staff.   These include:  payroll and unemployment taxes, workers comp and general liability insurance, equipment and chemical costs, training, sick days, and the inevitable turnover.   Fully burdened costs can run up to 1.5 to 2 times per hour salary.
  3. The quality of cleaning will be higher.  Professional janitorial companies, like System4 Facility Services, provide trained cleaning technicians and commercial grade equipment and chemicals.  This is to ensure that the quality of your service is consistently high.   Professional cleaning companies also have back up staff to minimize down time, so if a janitor calls out, it is the janitorial company\’s responsibility to replace them.

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