Outsourced Janitorial Services?

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Outsourced Janitorial Services – does this make sense?

Unknown to many facility managers, there are many benefits to outsourcing your janitorial services.  Usually facility managers think that outsourcing has no real viable benefits.  However, it does, if you hire the right janitorial service geared towards your facilities needs.

Outsourced Janitorial Services Can Save You Money

Outsourcing a janitorial cleaning service can be very cost effective if approached in the right manner.  First off, not all janitorial service companies are created equal.  A run of the mill commercial cleaning service will not be equipped to handle the janitorial cleaning needs of a complex building like medical facility no matter how much they will try to convince you.  And, as a result, if you choose them you may have little to no cost savings.  However, on the other hand, if you hire the proper commercial cleaning company with properly trained staff, commercial equipment and chemicals, cost savings can be significant.

Secondly, with the hiring of a professional cleaning service, you will rest assured that the individuals on their staff are both vetted and trustworthy.  Add in the fact that they will be trained to the utmost standards of the cleaning service, and you can see just how much of a time and money saver outsourcing can be.

Finally, when it comes to janitorial services, there is no such thing as too much sanitizing and disinfecting.  Most commercial cleaning services will offer this service, but to a bare minimum unless it is during the winter cold and flu season.  A properly run commercial cleaning service will train their individuals in all the protocols and procedures necessary to make sure that your facility is being kept as germ and virus free as possible.  They will also be trained in such areas as airborne pathogens and cross-contamination, in an effort to make sure that your patients, staff, and visitors have the healthiest, most hygienic facility available to them as possible.

Outsourcing your janitorial services for your facility can be a huge benefit, in the end, if handled in the proper manner.  A little research and due diligence now, cannot only your time and money now, but any chance of headaches or issues down the line.

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