Pandemic Emergency

professional cleaning technician wearing ppe and disinfecting an office from COVID-19

Planning for a Pandemic Emergency

When a pandemic emergency is declared, the Federal government responds in support of States, Counties,and local jurisdictions impacted by a disaster.  The disaster recovery process focuses on restoring, redeveloping, revitalizing communities impacted by a disaster, according the U.S. Department of the Interior Beyond the assistance that is provided by FEMA, businesses should create a Disaster Relief Program that incorporates necessary service providers who can support your locations during a time of crisis.  The current coronavirus pandemic emergency , notably the spread of COVID-19 is no exception.   Your pandemic emergency planning should include procedures to get you back in business should there be a confirmed case, as well as a process to bring employees back on site safely when the time is right.  

Know the Facts

Understand which service providers can support your facilities during a pandemic, and their emergency response time during the disaster.  Find service providers that can support all key aspects of the business, such as deep cleaning, disinfection and sanitizing services as well as dayporter, repair and maintenance, handyman and other essential services.  Know your providers\’ certifications.  Ask them for their procedures and protocols.  If one of their employees falls ill, will they be able to continue to service your facility?  The health and safety of your employees and customers can rely on your pandemic planning.

A Pandemic Emergency May Require More Than One Service Provider

Having a reliable provider for each service area is important.  If a provider is unable to support your facility during a pandemic emergency, having a second option that can support your needs is essential. System4 Facility Services is a facility services management organization with a large network of experienced service providers that have been thoroughly vetted and are ready to support your facility. System4’s work order management tool, ServiceSync, will allow you to assign service orders for your facilities from any location for different types of service providers – perfect for an emergency situation.

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