Reasons To Outsource Janitorial Services

professional janitorial service cleaning the floors with a machine scrubber

Reasons to Outsource Janitorial Services

Many businesses at one time or another consider the possibility of outsourcing their janitorial cleaning.  They will wonder if the time and effort of finding a cleaning company will be worth it all in the end.  We are here to tell you YES—and then some.  There are multiple excellent reasons as to why you may want to outsource your janitorial services.

The first, and foremost, is how it will dramatically affect your bottom line—in a good way.  When keeping your cleaning needs in house, you are spending money from day one.  And the expenditures can mount up very quickly.  There are salaries, benefits, cleaning supplies, uniforms—the list can go on and on—to be considered.  However, when you outsource your needs, the cleaning company is responsible for every aspect related to the performance of the job—including each of those areas listed above.

Secondly, the quality of cleaning will be far and above that of any of your employees can provide.  In most cases when an employee is charged with cleaning and it is not their usual job, they are prone to not take as much pride in getting the job done well.  However, a professional cleaning service cleans with pride—it\’s their job!  They know not only how to get the job done to your satisfaction, but how to get it done right the first time.  They take great pride in the fact that they are putting your business\’s best foot forward.

Next, there is the extra added bonus of customer service.  Most janitors are rarely seen and less often hear from or friendly.  Not with the workers of a commercial cleaning service.  They know that they are as much a face of your business as any other employee and as such are trained to be polite, friendly, and helpful whenever, and wherever needed.

There are also administrative duties that would normally need to be taken care of if your cleaning was kept in-house.  Paperwork would need to be done when hiring and onboarding cleaning staff, as well as taking care of all the necessary documentation of the aforementioned payroll and benefits.  When outsourcing your cleaning needs the cleaning company itself will be responsible for maintaining any required paperwork, taking the stress and headache off you and your accountants.  You are only responsible for a monthly invoice outlining out the services rendered.

Finally, you will pretty much have an all-in-one service at your call.  By this, we mean that if you should find yourself or your business in need of a deep cleaning, or even a last minute rush cleaning, you will not have to frantically look for a cleaning service.  By outsourcing your cleaning you can have a multitude of facility trades as close at hand as a quick phone call.

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