The Importance Of A Clean Medical Facility

Picture of a clean and sterile medical facility

The Importance Of A Clean Medical Facility

When searching for a medical facility cleaning service, there are a lot of things to consider. Recent reports of increasing cases of HAIs (Healthcare Associated Infections) have made facility managers more aware of the importance of a clean medical facility.  You need a professional company you can trust will not only do the job but will get it done right the first time.  A reputable company will have staff members there are both fully vetted and properly trained.  During the vetting process, the staff member will have passed a drug test and a background check.  The company itself will have trained the staff to be knowledgeable of all protocol and procedures that must be followed to the letter.  They will also have properly trained their staff in the areas of cross-contamination, bloodborne illnesses, proper hand sanitization, and the serious of the current HIPAA laws.

When interviewing the medical facility cleaning company, do not be afraid to ask questions.  Some possible examples of what you might want to ask may be:

Does the company have a reliable documented history of their employee screening procedure?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask, as a fully vetted employee should have passed both drug testing and a criminal background check.

Does the company do ongoing infection control risk assessments?

This is a series of tests that determine if the cleaning throughout the medical facility is being done up to standards for various areas such as non-critical, critical, and high touch surfaces.

Does the cleaning company implement the crucial elements in HAI reduction?

These include the proper products to use, the proper procedures to follow and finally the proof of validation of compliance.

Does the company have a discharge cleaning process in place?  This is a method by which when a patient is discharged from the facility, the room they were in must be properly disinfected and sterilized before it can be used by another patient.

Does the company train their employees in being respectful of patients when they enter the room to clean?

It is important that the medical facility cleaning employees know that it is not just their job to disinfect and sterilize a patients room, but to engage with the patient as well.

With many commercial cleaning companies, the budget looks too good to be true because basically, it is.  They are only interested in providing the appearance of cleanliness, and that is why for your purposes they are a poor choice.  In order to perform your medical facility cleaning services, you will need to look into a company that is geared just for your industry.  In this way, the company can take the cleaning up a notch and provide you with more than just the usual clean appearance.  They can work with you to follow your protocols and procedures, as well as those laid out by law, in order to get the job done right.

A clean medical facility keeps it safe for patients, staff, and visitors.  By hiring the best medical office cleaning company, experienced in medical cleaning, you are sure to have met this need, and surpassed it.

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