Hospital and Medical Facility Cleaning Is Important

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Hospital and medical facility cleaning requires a professional partner

Let\’s face it, each and every year the operating costs involved in the running of just about every business continue to skyrocket.  Hospitals and medical facility are no exception, and in some cases, the cost increases are drastically higher than other industries.  It is for this reason that when hospital and medical facility administration begins the task of cutting costs, to save money, the first areas that feel the pinch are that of cleaning and infection control.  Therein lies a very major problem that can lead to both facility and legal issues.

HAI\’s (Healthcare Associated Infections) having been reported as being on a very drastic upswing, can be traced back to cuts in medical facility cleaning staff.  In recent studies, multiple hospitals rooms worldwide were looked at to evaluate environmental cleaning procedures and their resulting effectiveness.  What was gleaned from these studies is that when cleaning procedures are not conducted efficiently, the result was an increased presence of and survival of MDRO\’s (multidrug-resistant organisms).  What was learned and concluded is that not only better cleaning, but more frequent cleaning, was indeed needed to assure that both biofilms and MDRO\’s were being sufficiently kept at bay from running rampant within the hospital environments.

It has been determined that many problems come to present themselves from the low-quality cleaning of hospitals.  The major problem is that of patient safety.  A set of protocols and procedures need to be put into place as well as spelled out.  However, if the same protocols and procedures are not adhered to and executed correctly, the results can post an acute and severe safety hazard to patients, staff, and visitors.

Following on the possibility of patients, staff, or visitors being harmed due to inefficient cleaning, there are also the possibilities of hospitals being involved in legal actions.  When a hospital is not cleaned correctly, multiple organisms and infection are allowed to run rampant and out of control.  The results will not only lead to an uptick in illnesses but also the possibility of fatalities.  When legalities become involved, lawyers will first point a finger to just how efficiently the medical facility cleaning staff were performing their jobs.

Lastly, when cleaning is low-quality, this will cause an exponential spread of infections and diseases, which if left unchecked may possibly get out of control.  Procedures and protocols that have been developed and instructed must be followed.  Systems that have been put in place for areas such as cross-contamination, bloodborne pathogens, and hygiene must be upheld and maintained, as well as the maintaining of all laws according to HIPPA.

In the end, your medical facility cleaning service is one of the most crucial operations within the hospital.  The quality of the performance of the functions can literally mean the difference between life and death. Contact Us for more information.

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