Starting a Restroom Cleaning Checklist

picture of clean and sanitized restroom urinal

Your Restroom Cleaning Checklist

The public restroom. More often than not, this is the most unpleasant area in a business.  How customers and clients perceive your business can be heavily influenced by—you got it—the cleanliness of your company’s restrooms. For this reason, it is very crucial that you develop a restroom cleaning checklist.

Poor restroom maintenance can be prevented by following some basic guidelines, including the implementation of a checklist.  Making a checklist leaves out guesswork around what janitorial services need to be done as well as how often. Your restroom cleaning checklist will most assuredly be as unique as your business, and that is okay. Make a plan as to what needs to be done, whether that is daily, weekly or monthly.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Making sure all the trash is emptied to prevent lying debris
  2. Properly refilling the toilet paper, hand soap, and paper towels dispensers
  3. Making sure to keep all the mirrors shiny and spot free.
  4. Proper cleaning and disinfection of floors.
  5. Dusting the fixtures and partitions.
  6. Deep cleaning and disinfecting toilets and urinals.
  7. Proper disinfection and sanitizing high touch points (fixtures, door handles, soap dispensers, etc)

Once you have your checklist created, it is imperative that your staff implement the janitorial services indicated. If the staff is not going to follow the checklist and keep abreast of the cleaning routines, the checklist will be of little to no use. Make sure you train your staff in what exactly needs to be done, and more importantly, getting it done correctly the first time. Take a moment to ask them if they have any questions or if they need further clarification you will be able to provide it.

Ensure your employees or your cleaning company follow your restroom checklist

Lastly, diligence plays a crucial role in conjunction with the restroom cleaning checklist you create.  Once the first deep cleaning is finished, if the checklist is followed as instructed, there is only going to be the routine maintenance to be done. However, if the checklist is not followed, then eventually over time you will be right back where you started—with a dirty restroom.  In the long run, following the checklist will cut down on both the cost of cleaning and supplies for your business.

So, as you can see, a restroom cleaning checklist is a viable asset to your company. However, if you feel that you need something more professional, you can explore a commercial cleaning service.

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